So, What All The Hype About The Uniqdab printer?

Print with out ever needing to buy ink or cartridges

Experience seamless printing—no more ink or cartridges, just simplicity and savings.

Peel off the label and put on the package. It’s that easy

Simply peel the label, stick it on your package, and you’re set. Quick, straightforward, and ready to go!

Create & print anything you can think of 

Unleash your creativity by designing any label you can imagine. Print seamlessly, bringing your unique ideas to life.

Simply connect the printer to your device via Bluetooth or USB

Easily link the printer to your device using Bluetooth or USB for a smooth, straightforward connection. Start printing with just a few taps or clicks.


Unlock efficiency and creativity in your business with the Uniqdab printer.

  • Laura's Story

    Laura, after losing her job, turned her passion for crafting and designing into business

  • Chloe's Story

    Turning dreams into reality doesn't just happen with a snap of your fingers; it's all about the little things you do every day. Chloe is here to encourage all the super moms out there to chase after the life they dream of.

  • Ellie's Story

    Her hobby of making unique tees, comfy crewnecks, and personalized work gifts with her own hands and a lot of love turned into something special. It’s changed her life and brought smiles to her patients too